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Harmonic Beginnings


Can you imagine a birth experience
where you feel secure and empowered
as you bring your baby into your arms and into the world?


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A strong foundation for life begins in the womb
The developing baby absorbs much of what mom experiences. 
It is during this crucial developmental period that your baby will forge a strong bond with you and establish the emotional security that will empower them throughout life.  Much of the essential input that your baby needs for a healthy mind and body begins here. 

This program has been developed to provide an opportunity for your child to thrive in early years and into adulthood.  It was inspired from years of working with adults, who would have been better prepared for life's challenges had they had extra support while in-utero.


Harmonic Beginnings is simply one of the best gifts
you can give yourself and your child.

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Therapeutic Services for family planning: pre-conception, conception, pregnancy and birth.  A mind-body state of calmness and harmony is needed for conception. Through ONE on ONE (individual) psychological work we identify and shift the stress patterns and false beliefs that may be interfering with this. After this inner transformation, we begin the work of strengthening the connection between you and your baby, welcoming the incoming soul, and preparing your body through conscious communication, visualization, and meditation. As you nurture the bond you are building a foundation of security and love. When this bond is strong, baby is free to learn, explore, thrive and actualize their full potential.   

***Hourly Sessions are covered by Insurance in ILLINOIS

***Hourly Coaching Sessions are offered nationally & internationally

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Meditations: These are free weekly offerings of guided  group meditations. You will meet with other prenatal moms as we dissolve unwanted patterns of stress and shift into peaceful states. We will dive deep into baby bonding where you will expand into a loving connection with your baby.

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The Tomatis® program is a home-based listening program that enacts neuroplasticity by training the ear, brain, and body. It has been shown to create an embodied sense of peace for the mother, creating an easier labor, and reducing postpartum complications. It also serves to enhance the bond between mom and baby. Babies that benefit from Tomatis® while in utero are happier, cry less, sleep better, and reach developmental milestones sooner than babies that have not had the listening program.  Beginning in your second or third trimester, we apply the Tomatis® music program to prepare you for delivery, to nurture your relationship with your baby, and to optimize your baby's development.

***This service is offered to all those that are interested and while not covered by insurance, payment plans are available

Tomats Method

What is the TOMATIS® Method?

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The Tomatis® method is a method of musical auditory stimulation created in the 1950’s by Dr. Alfred Tomatis.  The Tomatis® program is a home-based listening program that enacts the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.
The Tomatis® music re-educates the ear and brain, improving physical, emotional, and cognitive functions.


How does it work?
The musical stimulation provokes a sound contrast destined to constantly activate the brain and teach it to have a constant
alert for changes in the music, which has the consequence of reinforcing selective attention.   


Take a look at the video

This program is recommended for the following conditions:



-trouble sleeping

-problems with attention and concentration

-poor memory

-sensitivity to sounds/lights/other sensory information



-poor organization and planning

-disorders of the autism spectrum

-learning a foreign language


-learning disabilities



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Listen to these mothers share their experience of Tomatis and its benefits for their babies

Free Prenatal Meditation
Free Prenatal Meditation
Jan 23, 2022, 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM
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Elizabeth Wasserman M.A., LCPC, PPNE
Level 1 Tomatis® Practitioner, specializing in Clinical Professional Counseling and Prenatal Bonding Education

Phone: 414-801-2603

Office Location: North Center, Chicago, Illinois

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