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Harmonic Heart Psychotherapy

A holistic path for conscious transformation

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Liz is a clinical professional counselor and coach with a master's degree in professional counseling and extensive training in the healing arts. She offers a holistic approach to therapy, meeting each person she serves at the level of mind, body and soul.  Her passion and gift is to guide those on their fertility journey, through conception, pregnancy and birth. Often referred to as a baby whisperer, Liz intuitively communicates directly with the incoming soul to aid in the bonding experience.  She helps guide you into your deepest knowing, peace, and empowerment from a space of love and respect for exactly who you are and how you show up. She has been working  with individuals and families  for nearly 20 years. 

Elizabeth Wasserman MA.LCPCCounselor &
Certified Prenatal Educator



Harmonic Heart Therapy

This therapy takes place in a compassionate environment where you will find the courage to directly face what has been limiting you.  This could be trauma, feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy, anxiety, depression, false beliefs or unhealthy attachments.   It might be that you have adopted ways of thinking that don’t work for you.  It may be unknown to you.  Limitations can exist in the mind: in beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.  They also exist in the subconscious mind, the body, and at a soul level.  Through a holistic approach we will discover what is not serving you and you will learn how to transmute these energies with your inner resources.  We will tap into your innate strength so that you can move beyond limitations toward a life more aligned with your values and dreams.   Consistent feedback that I get about this work is that it is more effective than many modalities and that one is left feeling more free, enlightened and empowered.

Conscious parenting therapy is designed for conceiving couples, pregnant moms and new parents that  intend to conceive, birth, and parent consciously.  In a compassionate environment we explore the physical, mental and emotional obstacles that are complicating conception.  Neuroscience has confirmed that much of what mom feels and thinks is imprinted on the baby.  Together we dissolve those limiting patterns.  For those pregnant, therapy is aimed at transforming patterns of stress passed down through generations.  Through meditation and awareness we then increase bonding and enhance communication with your growing baby, creating healthy imprints so your baby can have a harmonic and empowered beginning of life.   

Web Cam Session  -  ($144/ 50 min)  Sliding Fee Available &

Office Session     -  ($144 / 50min)  Insurance Accepted



Elizabeth Wasserman

Email Address
Phone: 414-801-2603

Office Location: Edgewater, Chicago, Illinois

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