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Harmonic Life Coaching

A holistic path for conscious transformation


What is Consciousness coaching?

Harmonic Life Coaching

  This coaching serves to strengthen your inner resources in order to empower and manifest your goals:  Maybe you wish to be more focused, intentional, tranquil, or confident. Maybe you want to have deeper meditations or experience more vitality.  Perhaps you are ready to move into the career of your dreams or enter your ideal relationship. The foundation of this work rests on the premise that we are the creators of our reality.  It is my role to help you define with clarity the reality that you wish to create. Together we will access your inner resources to manifest that reality. Consciousness coaching uses the following resources to help manifest your goals: goal setting, exploration of limited beliefs, trust of your inner-truth, higher mental faculties such as visualization and imagination, conscious verbalizations and affirmations, and harmonizing emotional frequencies to empower your vision.  Clarity, accountability, authenticity, and respect are also implicit in the process.

Web Cam Session  -  ($144/ 50 min)  Sliding Fee Available &

Office Session     -  ($144 / 50min)  Insurance Accepted


Elizabeth Wasserman MA.LCPC



Elizabeth Wasserman

Email Address liz
Phone: 414-801-2603

Office Location: North Center, Chicago, Illinois

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