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The New Paradigm of Baby Consciousness

We are quickly moving out of an old paradigm of understanding babies. The old paradigm is that:

  • Babies/fetus are not aware

  • Babies/fetus don’t have intelligence (like memories, understanding, knowledge)

  • Babies cannot feel pain 

Our new paradigm wildly exciting and enlightening:

  •   Baby is conscious (even if brain is not fully developed)

  •        Baby is intelligent, has memory, and CAN communicate.

  • Baby can feel emotions and socialize 

There are now countless studies that substantiate this new knowledge. Here are few fun facts from various research.


  • A Netherland study looked at the startle response and found that by 30 weeks a fetus can remember sound for 10 minutes. By the 34th week a fetus may be able to remember the sounds for up to 4 weeks.     

  •  Twins at only 20 weeks were found to be socializing in the womb: caressing each other and playing together.

  • An ultrasound recorded a fetus swatting away the amniocentesis needle 15 weeks BEFORE their vision even developed.

  • A fetus was found clamping the umbilical cord in utero, as to prevent unwanted substances from the placenta to reach them.



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